Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy
Our Aim
Our aim is to act as a good employer and conduct our business activities in a way which will achieve the highest possible standard of health and safety for our employees, visitors and members of the public. This is because we recognize that we can contribute to a safe, healthy and productive work environment by preventing drugs and alcohol problems, by raising awareness.

Our Policy
Our policy is to ensure that drugs and alcohol problems are dealt with effectively and that workers are protected. We expect all our staff members to support this policy and in doing so comply with the rules below.

For the purposes of this policy, drug and alcohol problems are defined as those which incorporate a variety of behaviors caused by drugs or alcohol which may be problematic to the individual and/or to the organization for which the individual works.

This policy applies to all our employee’s associates, consultants and employees of other organizations when working on our sites and premises.

• You must not be in possession of any illegal drugs whilst working on our sites or premises.
• You must not under any circumstances be under the influence of drug or alcoholic substances whilst on our sites or premises. Note that, as previously consumed drug or alcoholic substances may affect your performance at work, you may still be under the influence.
• If you are on drugs for any medical reason, please inform your supervisor or manager at once.
• If your supervisor or manager believes that you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst on our sites or premises, you will be asked to leave, having been advised of your rights in accordance with our disciplinary procedures.
• There may be circumstances where we would ask you to provide an alcoholic or illegal drug substance test sample. This may be as part of an initiative to carry out random testing or otherwise. Any refusal to provide a test sample may lead to disciplinary action.

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